Friday, October 5, 2012


I found a fundraising website. If anyone is interested in helping me out here's the link.
It would mean the world to me if you donated whatever you can to help out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exciting things happening!!!!

Tomorrow I start 4th semester!!!! It's my final semester and I am nervous. Lot's of business classes now and things to prepare me for working in a salon. I need to start looking into jobs. It's scary to be honest. So many options like: Independent or chain salon, what type of salary (most salons are commission) and what kind of environment. Meanwhile I work at the local pizza shop saving money for stuff that I will talk about in the next paragraph! :)

I have felt God calling me to go on a mission trip!! I prayed and told God I would go wherever He wants me to go and asked him to clarify where. I also asked him to prepare me Spiritually, Emotionally and physically. I know they can be rough and demanding. You all know my sister was adopted from China and I have always wanted to go. My mother told me about Steven Curtis Chapmans group and how they have short term trips. We love the Chapman family because of Show Hope we got a grant to help bring my sister home. So I am starting the application and will hopefully be going next summer.

I'm very excited! I'll be designing shirts and having all kinds of fundraisers. Family is supportive. Applications open next month so please say a prayer they accept me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

So we went to see The Lion King a few nights ago. My sister LOVED it! I was annoyed by all of the children shouting and laughing also paying ten bucks a person to see something I have at home. When it came out my mother bought it and my sister is always watching it. She just told my mom "I killed Mufasa". She cracks me up just thought I would share that.

School is going really well. I am going to school for cosmetology. I've been going for three weeks now and I love it! My kit is HUGE! Today I learned how to style the hair in a French Twist.

Tuesday we had Free Day. That's when we get to practice on each other and have a service done. I got some really nice caramel highlights. The day before I got a pink highlight for breast cancer. lol my nose looks funny in the picture.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are home from Virginia. We recently met up with some of the families from my parents travel group.

Meighan, Lindsey, Anna, Bethany, Lana, Sarah

It was amazing seeing how the girls got along so well. I didn't go to China with my parents. I wish I could have. Everyone in the group seemed to have this special bond. I felt so left out when they would talk about the trip to China. The lake was absolutely beautiful! I didn't go tubing, but I did go on the boat and it was really fun! Some of the houses on the lake are crazy big!! The only real downside to the trip was finding a tick on my head! I don't like bugs so you can imagine how i felt about a blood sucking bug on my head.

I edited this photo like 3 times! I love it!

This was taken on the dock. I loved seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains everday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why my senior year sucked

So I have really gone through a LOT this year!!! Senior year was so stressfull. I had to work in the daycare (which I LOVED!!), take a psychology class, and deal with more drama than I wanted to. Let me explain the drama thing. I wanted the best year. I rode the bus with my best friend we were SOO excited. She introduced me to a new girl and they both seemed to get along pretty well. A few months go by and we are drifting apart. I was slowly losing my best friend to this other girl and I wasn't happy. My friend would just ignore me on the bus and that didn't help with the issues from my childhood.
One day I tell her I want to know what's wrong. She wrote me a note saying all these nasty things about me that bother her! I didn't even know I did most of the stuff and I didn't know it bothered her. I wrote back something and she told me she wanted to sit with her new friend. . . in our senior seat.. that seat was equally both of ours. I was SOO mad. I couldn't believe that someone I trusted so much with secrets stabbed me in the back. I understood what it felt like to have a broken heart. Yeah I know we were just friends, but I still cared about her because I make sure I'm a good friend. Well anyways she told me I couldn't sit in the seat anymore and I was forced to ride somewhere else in the mornings. My real friends told me to sit in MY seat in the afternoon. She saw me and just sat in a different seat. The rest of the year was just awkward. I hated the bus. The ironic thing is her friend stopped riding the bus so she sat by herself. After she did that to me I found a REAL friend. She actually cares about my feelings and she's helped with a ton of problems in my life. It's mostly guy troubles.
It feels really good writing my problems out. I can think clearly. Well that is why my senior year sucked! hopefully you all are careful choosing friends!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey so now that I have a laptop it should be easier to blog. I am so excited to have it! I love my laptop SOOO much!! It's an ASUS laptop. I got it for my birthday and graduation I also helped pay for it. It feels really good to be a graduate and now i'm 18 so it feels even better!! So for an update. . . In a week i'm gonna be on my way to Virginia for a reunion with our travel group. I have only met a few of the families. I get to see my good friend Ashton. In three years when two of my friends graduate i'm going to take them to Texas! I'm really looking forward to the trip. I think I am excited because I'll get to go somewhere i've never been also I wanna see cowboys! What girl wouldn't want to see a cowboy and dance with them? September I start school! I'm going for cosmotology. I'm nervous about waxing but who wouldn't? seriously you yank hair out of people of course it hurts! Oh well I'll have teachers helping me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm wondering how do you know you have a best friend sometimes it's hard for me to tell. Please comment!