Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Blog?????

I was thinking about doing a special blog with Ashton. It would be about our travel group. it would talk about when in China, when we have reunions planned. I think it would be a clever idea for our group because even thought I didn't go to China there is a very special bond between everybody especially the girls. So leave a comment everybody and tell me what you think!!!!!

I'm working on the name and I really like Bound by Adoption. it was inspired by a t-shirt that Ashtons family made for everybody in the group. I'm gonna text ashton and hear how she feels cause I want her to help out with the blog since she went to China!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Abby!!!!!!!

ok before I begin my post I want to say thanks to Ashton for telling you guys how things were going in Disney World. I'll post pictures of that later.

I would like to welcome my bffl (best friend for life) Abby to the blogger world! For those of you who read/ follow my blog i would like you to go and welcome her. Her blog is called Expressing myself through music. I am sorry I don't post to often it's hard being a 10th grader in Cyber School. I'm hoping that next year I can go back to French Creek because cyber school is not very fun.

I am SOOOOOO excited in July my b-day I will be able to LEGALLY drive!!!!!!!!!! My parent's of course are scared for their lives they think i will crash within the first hour. Oh and tomorrow I'm getting my own Bed Head straightener!!!!!!!! I'm getting the 1" in pink. It's going to be just like Ashtons. Ash was the one who told me to get a bed head, well so did her mom and I trust her mom for ANYTHING having to do with fashion.

Ashton is going to redesign my blog! I'm getting like a hot pink strip thing, but to save Ashton the trouble lucky me is going to copy it on too my layout! haha wish me luck on that. I was the one that added my title thingy so it should be easy, but I am no computer nerd that's for sure!

Meighan is starting to talk a lot more! she can say all kinds of things. We think it's because she is going to power zone (childrens ministry at our church) and she is with a lot more children. While in Disney she would say things like "Happy are you dada?" it was very funny hearing my sister talking like yoda!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disney World

Hi All! This is Ashton, Kara's friend! I just wanted to let you all know they are in Disney Wor!d having TONS of fun! Today they went to Animal Kingdom and had a great time! They will be heading back home on Monday sometime and be home on Tuesday. Kara said when she gets home she will post the pix! All I have right now is the one she sent to my phone. Be praying for their safety as they travel home on Monday and Tuesday! Thanks!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

my first pedi

I'm SO sorry I havn't posted in a while I've been very busy with school (after all i am in 10th grade). I got my very first pedi (pedicure)! It was very relaxing. there were a few times i wanted to laugh cause it sometimes felt really funny. I got a really cute hot pink color and got white polka dots added. it was the best day of my life (until we went to the nutcracker and i saw my ex- best friend.)
Twilight trailer

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my pix

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Monday, October 6, 2008


I usually never got to dress up for hallowean and since my sister has gotten older this year I wanna go with her (i also go with my cousins to help keep an eye on them). I'm thinking either Hannah Montana (cause I have some clothes that would be awesome for her I just need a wig!) or a cheerleader I don't really have anything for that!! so the choice is up to you guys!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prayers Needed

Hey you guys I need you to pray for me. One night after practice I had to go rescue the dog from a pine tree and when I let her loose she ran for the door and the rope we have her hooked up to was behind me and before I could move the rope got me and left a nasty and painful rope burn. It still hurts like crazy, but it's getting better. Every once in a while my leg goes numb and my mom thinks It got a nerve. I also need you to pray that I feel better I've been having a runny nose and a sore throat. I don't want to get sick right now so please pray that I get better.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

ChuckE Cheese's

I haven't been to Chucke Cheese's in FOREVER!!!!! We went there after one of my games we were right in Erie and we had cupons so we thought we should go! I am a lot better at the games now that I'm much older, mature . . . well lets just face it more competitive! I beat my own father at a game their!!!! (doin a happy dance right now) There were a couple games that I wasn't good at but most of them I was pretty good at. Like ski balls boy do I love that game!!!! I got very in touch w/ my inner child that night! Meighan liked Chucke as long as he more like her (the person that was chucke was a girl) stayed away from her she loved him! HAHAHA we thought It would be good to get her ready for Disney by seeing a character. Here is some info about Disney.
Were we are staying: Coronado Springs (it has a Mexican theme, Hola chicka!)
When: the week before x-mas (What were we thinking!)
What I look forward to the most: getting to practice my spanish! riding space mountain, possibly getting picked as the lucky family of the day!!!! click here to take the virtual tour! The pool area is AMAZING!!!!! It is SO huge!!! Well I better go!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Septmber 7th my beautiful baby sister was born! She turned 2 just a few days ago and I can't believe how old she is getting!!! Sometimes I just wish I could frezze time. For Meighan's b-day we gave her a few things we got at the Disney store. We gave her a tea set and a Mulan cup boy does she love her gifts!!!! We have tea parties all the time and she loves to have milk in her cup!
Today is Anna Grace's Birthday!!!!! Go over to Ashton or her mom's blog too wish her a Happy Birthday! She is 2 today! I can't believe how much Anna has changed! She talks a LOT and she speaks in sentences! She is one smart girly! Happy B-Day Anna Grace!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at

Life with Meighan Fu

pYzam Page Pets
pYzam Page Pets

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Won!!!!!!!! We also won our game that we had Tuesday!!!!! I am LOVING volleyball!!!!! Tonight I served the ball (I wasn't very happy about it) I got it over the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is one of the first times for me. As soon as it went over the net I could hear people cheering for me it was a wonderful feeling! I couldn't stop smiling after that, but I told myself to stop smiling so I wouldn't lose my focus. I still haven't gotten any pixtures yet but I will. I thought I would just tell you guys how how it went.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I thought I would tell you guys how things are going. Today at church I saw Josh. we invited him to sit with us but he asked me to . . . . . . . . . .(building suspense). . . . . . . . . . .walk with him and go see his frineds. lol. we were all talking together for a while then Andy Kerr came over and talked to us. He is one of our funniest pastors from our church. After he left we started talking again during this whole time josh is not standing near me and goofing off (that's what he does best). Then the service started up and I tried to find my mom. I looked around and saw josh wanting to come sit with me (awwwwwwwwww that was the best part) but he couldn't some guy I don't know was sitting next to me (thanks a LOT mr.). My next game is tuesday with warren. Thursday is our next home game. I'm going to see if Josh can come to it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Volleyball game

Last night was our first volleyball game! My serving was ok I'm still not very good at it but at practice one night I got it over 3 times. Back to the game when I served it went over but it was out big bummer, but I wasn't the only one that didn't hit it very well. I tried to make contact with the ball, but it was my first game so I didn't expect myself to do that good. we lost :-( it was like 15-12. Last night was also my brothers first soccer game, they won. We are home alone with meighan while my mom scrapbooks. so we are trying to keep her entertained. Got to go now I'll post pix of the next game.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Going to Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You heard me we are going to Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going in December so the place we are staying at is going to be decorated!!!!!!! I am SOOO excited I haven't been to Disney in a LONG time!!!!!!! I'll post more later I have to go finish school.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photo Shoot

We had a photo shoot the other day and didn't know what we would get and I am surprised we got some good photos! I'll post the rest of the pix later. If you go on to my moms blog you can see some of the other pix. The name of my mom's blog is A match made in heaven.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Music & Maria

Because I set up that new email address I was able to put music on my blog! For some reason it said my email was already taken so I couldn't create an account. The first three songs are for my Aunt Peety!!!!!! She LOVES Kelly Clarkson. I added Last Name for Anna Grace and I added Cinderella in honour of Maria Sue Chapman. When the accident happend I told myself that when I'm older and adopt from China I would name my daughter After Maria. We were watching Larry King Live last night and both my parents were crying for the whole hour.

volleyball practice

Volleyball practice is going great!!!!!!! I am making contact with the ball which is good for me cause I'm afraid of balls coming at me when their in the air. You might think I sound crazy but I have had a few slightly bad experiences with balls. When I was in third grade I was going to school at Calvary baptist and I was in the gym walking and a basketball came down and hit me in the head and I have been afraid of balls ever since. I really need to work on my serving, but my spiking is pretty good I've gotten it over the net like 8 times!!!!!!! This is my first year of volleyball and I alredy love it!!!! Ashton said she would help me if she ever came up soon or if I came down (but I think it her familys turn to visit us!). If anybody has questions about blogger like if you want to make a blog please email me at I created it just for the purpose of blogger stuff so I dont get it messed up with my personal email.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

exciting news part 2

When I was at camp the first week (the last week of June) on thursday my dad came to visit me before he left he gave me something. It was a phone!!!!! I got the LG chocolate! I was SOOO excited. So I have had it for about a month now. I have unlimited texting and that is what I do the most with it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my FunPix!

camp pix

This is beans (he didn't want his picture taken so I got my camera ready and called his name and got this!) I think it is a pretty good pix!
My favorite pix of Josh!!!!!!
imagine getting to see that everyday!!!!!!!! Its even better in the morning!!!! the black horse is Nibbs!!! my fav horse!
Camp was AMAZING!!!!! I had SOO much fun!!! I scooped poop most of the week but other than that it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After classes were over and it was time for lunch I would get to ride up to the barn on Nibbs my FaVoRiTe horse! (I'll get a pix of her next week) and thats how I got to ride. Denise offered me ridding lessons!!!! I want them SOO much!!!!!!!!! got to go!

Photo shoot

My favorite
she wasn't wanting to cooporate

Mema made this outfit for Meighan and it is SOO cute!!! jmgjjfdfskdfhs. I just let meighan write a message for mema it says Thanks Mema for the outfit!!! lol!!!! Meighan misses her Mema SOO much!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

we are back :(

Anna with one of her gotcha day presents
Anna after a year
My dad with the shark he caught (way to go dad!!!)
Meighan LOVES the beach!
The girls after Dixie Stampede
I am SOO sad that we are home. we got back at about 6 or 7 last night. I'm sorry i didn't write a post i was SOO tired. Myrtle beach was awesome! I got a pretty good tan! lol!!!!! We went to Dixie Stampede one night and it was amazing! When we were leaving meighan said see ya later to one of the guys that worked there! We got to see Bethany and she was such a cutie! Sarah was being her sweet, cute self. Ella was being shy but she hasn't seen some of them for a while and there were a lot of people there so i don't blame her. I'll try to post more pix soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


IT'S SUMMER!!!!! I am SOO happy it is Summer vacation!! I'm ready for camp to start soon!! The plays are going really well! Last night we learned the dance steps for stick to the status quo! It was a little confusing but I think I know it! I got my hair cut today! I think it looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!
meighan in her little pool!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I forgot about my poll sorry! I'm 14, but I'll be 15 in July!!!! I can't believe that many people voted (16)!

I think I have more videos i can share but it takes a while to add them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I miss SC!

I miss SC SOO much! I miss gettin' to goof around w/ Ashton. The pix on the bottom are from when we first got there and the ones on the top are from inside the plane (no duh!) leavin' SC :( I think Meighan misses Princess.

Meighan lovin' on Mee-ma

most of the family after church

the rest of the family (Ashton"s Uncle Johnny is in the back)

this is before we went to church to get Anna dedicated

this is SOO sweet

my Mom, Meighan and I

Meighan and Sarah

Angel & Anna

Meighan & Nana

Mee-ma & Ella

Meighan & Sarah

White couch photo

Meighan ridin' a horsie!

Ashton & I goofing around w/ my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel & the girls