Sunday, May 25, 2008

I miss SC!

I miss SC SOO much! I miss gettin' to goof around w/ Ashton. The pix on the bottom are from when we first got there and the ones on the top are from inside the plane (no duh!) leavin' SC :( I think Meighan misses Princess.

Meighan lovin' on Mee-ma

most of the family after church

the rest of the family (Ashton"s Uncle Johnny is in the back)

this is before we went to church to get Anna dedicated

this is SOO sweet

my Mom, Meighan and I

Meighan and Sarah

Angel & Anna

Meighan & Nana

Mee-ma & Ella

Meighan & Sarah

White couch photo

Meighan ridin' a horsie!

Ashton & I goofing around w/ my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel & the girls

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Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

We had soo much fun with y'all!!