Saturday, May 10, 2008

We are in SC!!!

Well we arrived in SC at about 10:00am Thursday and Ashton got home from school at about 3:40. We went to the mall to get my Vera Bradley! I ended up getting a Vera Bag in the Raspberry Fizz!! We are having SOO much fun!! Yesterday at about 2:00pm Nikki and Ella came down to Ashton's house!! Last night we went to Build-A-Bear to get the new Panda that just came out!!! (Panda's are what Meighan's providence is known for) We also went to a Chinese Restaurant called Oriental House!!! We then went back to their house and Ashton and I slept upstairs on the couch and Nikki and Ella slept in Ashton's room!! Meighan had a tummy ache last night so i was glad i was sleeping in the other room!!! Meighan, Anna Grace, and Ella are having SOO much fun together!!! I will post some pix soon- Here is a collage of the Spicy girls' fun weekend that Ashton and I made!!!

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