Friday, August 8, 2008

volleyball practice

Volleyball practice is going great!!!!!!! I am making contact with the ball which is good for me cause I'm afraid of balls coming at me when their in the air. You might think I sound crazy but I have had a few slightly bad experiences with balls. When I was in third grade I was going to school at Calvary baptist and I was in the gym walking and a basketball came down and hit me in the head and I have been afraid of balls ever since. I really need to work on my serving, but my spiking is pretty good I've gotten it over the net like 8 times!!!!!!! This is my first year of volleyball and I alredy love it!!!! Ashton said she would help me if she ever came up soon or if I came down (but I think it her familys turn to visit us!). If anybody has questions about blogger like if you want to make a blog please email me at I created it just for the purpose of blogger stuff so I dont get it messed up with my personal email.

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