Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Abby!!!!!!!

ok before I begin my post I want to say thanks to Ashton for telling you guys how things were going in Disney World. I'll post pictures of that later.

I would like to welcome my bffl (best friend for life) Abby to the blogger world! For those of you who read/ follow my blog i would like you to go and welcome her. Her blog is called Expressing myself through music. I am sorry I don't post to often it's hard being a 10th grader in Cyber School. I'm hoping that next year I can go back to French Creek because cyber school is not very fun.

I am SOOOOOO excited in July my b-day I will be able to LEGALLY drive!!!!!!!!!! My parent's of course are scared for their lives they think i will crash within the first hour. Oh and tomorrow I'm getting my own Bed Head straightener!!!!!!!! I'm getting the 1" in pink. It's going to be just like Ashtons. Ash was the one who told me to get a bed head, well so did her mom and I trust her mom for ANYTHING having to do with fashion.

Ashton is going to redesign my blog! I'm getting like a hot pink strip thing, but to save Ashton the trouble lucky me is going to copy it on too my layout! haha wish me luck on that. I was the one that added my title thingy so it should be easy, but I am no computer nerd that's for sure!

Meighan is starting to talk a lot more! she can say all kinds of things. We think it's because she is going to power zone (childrens ministry at our church) and she is with a lot more children. While in Disney she would say things like "Happy are you dada?" it was very funny hearing my sister talking like yoda!