Saturday, February 6, 2010

Found the ring!!!

I found the ring!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is!!!!!! is it not beautiful???? I love it so much it's kind of expensive but really i mean it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines day and some other stuff

Ok so if you know me you know that i am single. . . . well Valentines day is coming up and well it's kind of put a whole damper on the single thing ya know??? Some of you might know about Singles Awareness Day AKA S.A.D lol. . . that is too funny!!! However i keep remembering that i'm am saving myself for my future husband and i don't want to date right now because when you date your giving that Boy a little piece of your heart so on your wedding night you can't give your husband your whole heart. . . haha awww. So i really want to get a purity ring and i have found some that are cheap but SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I ride a public school bus and i'm am constantly hearing things about sex and drugs and well i just want to slap some of them!!!!! Anyways back to what i was going to talk about. My friend Emily who is not a Christian, but listens to what i have to say( i LOVE her!!! jk) understands the whole purity thing and she wants a purity ring too!!!! I am so excited for her. I have been playing all kinds of Christian music like Skillet!!! and Toby Mac, Hawk Nelson, and i forget what else so maybe i can get her to come to church some time. . . you know what I'm thinking right now???? I am thinking this is the longest post I've ever written !!!!!!! So we need to pray for my dear friend Ashton her family is trying to get home from adopting their sweet little boy from China and their plane has been delayed to 3 in the morning. If you are reading this tell your friends about my blog and make sure you follow it! If you want you can ask me to write about something (as long as it's appropriate!)

below are some pictures of purity rings i like!!!

So i'm really sad the one ring i loved the most i didn't save a picture of it!!! It was sooo pretty it was one ring but in the fron it splits into two and those parts are both dark jewels and then there is a diamond in the center kind of like the 1st one only way prettier!!!