Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey so now that I have a laptop it should be easier to blog. I am so excited to have it! I love my laptop SOOO much!! It's an ASUS laptop. I got it for my birthday and graduation I also helped pay for it. It feels really good to be a graduate and now i'm 18 so it feels even better!! So for an update. . . In a week i'm gonna be on my way to Virginia for a reunion with our travel group. I have only met a few of the families. I get to see my good friend Ashton. In three years when two of my friends graduate i'm going to take them to Texas! I'm really looking forward to the trip. I think I am excited because I'll get to go somewhere i've never been also I wanna see cowboys! What girl wouldn't want to see a cowboy and dance with them? September I start school! I'm going for cosmotology. I'm nervous about waxing but who wouldn't? seriously you yank hair out of people of course it hurts! Oh well I'll have teachers helping me.

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