Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why my senior year sucked

So I have really gone through a LOT this year!!! Senior year was so stressfull. I had to work in the daycare (which I LOVED!!), take a psychology class, and deal with more drama than I wanted to. Let me explain the drama thing. I wanted the best year. I rode the bus with my best friend we were SOO excited. She introduced me to a new girl and they both seemed to get along pretty well. A few months go by and we are drifting apart. I was slowly losing my best friend to this other girl and I wasn't happy. My friend would just ignore me on the bus and that didn't help with the issues from my childhood.
One day I tell her I want to know what's wrong. She wrote me a note saying all these nasty things about me that bother her! I didn't even know I did most of the stuff and I didn't know it bothered her. I wrote back something and she told me she wanted to sit with her new friend. . . in our senior seat.. that seat was equally both of ours. I was SOO mad. I couldn't believe that someone I trusted so much with secrets stabbed me in the back. I understood what it felt like to have a broken heart. Yeah I know we were just friends, but I still cared about her because I make sure I'm a good friend. Well anyways she told me I couldn't sit in the seat anymore and I was forced to ride somewhere else in the mornings. My real friends told me to sit in MY seat in the afternoon. She saw me and just sat in a different seat. The rest of the year was just awkward. I hated the bus. The ironic thing is her friend stopped riding the bus so she sat by herself. After she did that to me I found a REAL friend. She actually cares about my feelings and she's helped with a ton of problems in my life. It's mostly guy troubles.
It feels really good writing my problems out. I can think clearly. Well that is why my senior year sucked! hopefully you all are careful choosing friends!!!

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