Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are home from Virginia. We recently met up with some of the families from my parents travel group.

Meighan, Lindsey, Anna, Bethany, Lana, Sarah

It was amazing seeing how the girls got along so well. I didn't go to China with my parents. I wish I could have. Everyone in the group seemed to have this special bond. I felt so left out when they would talk about the trip to China. The lake was absolutely beautiful! I didn't go tubing, but I did go on the boat and it was really fun! Some of the houses on the lake are crazy big!! The only real downside to the trip was finding a tick on my head! I don't like bugs so you can imagine how i felt about a blood sucking bug on my head.

I edited this photo like 3 times! I love it!

This was taken on the dock. I loved seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains everday!

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