Friday, October 14, 2011

So we went to see The Lion King a few nights ago. My sister LOVED it! I was annoyed by all of the children shouting and laughing also paying ten bucks a person to see something I have at home. When it came out my mother bought it and my sister is always watching it. She just told my mom "I killed Mufasa". She cracks me up just thought I would share that.

School is going really well. I am going to school for cosmetology. I've been going for three weeks now and I love it! My kit is HUGE! Today I learned how to style the hair in a French Twist.

Tuesday we had Free Day. That's when we get to practice on each other and have a service done. I got some really nice caramel highlights. The day before I got a pink highlight for breast cancer. lol my nose looks funny in the picture.