Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exciting things happening!!!!

Tomorrow I start 4th semester!!!! It's my final semester and I am nervous. Lot's of business classes now and things to prepare me for working in a salon. I need to start looking into jobs. It's scary to be honest. So many options like: Independent or chain salon, what type of salary (most salons are commission) and what kind of environment. Meanwhile I work at the local pizza shop saving money for stuff that I will talk about in the next paragraph! :)

I have felt God calling me to go on a mission trip!! I prayed and told God I would go wherever He wants me to go and asked him to clarify where. I also asked him to prepare me Spiritually, Emotionally and physically. I know they can be rough and demanding. You all know my sister was adopted from China and I have always wanted to go. My mother told me about Steven Curtis Chapmans group and how they have short term trips. We love the Chapman family because of Show Hope we got a grant to help bring my sister home. So I am starting the application and will hopefully be going next summer.

I'm very excited! I'll be designing shirts and having all kinds of fundraisers. Family is supportive. Applications open next month so please say a prayer they accept me.